Bethells Road, Bethells Beach

From the main home to the hen house, every aspect of this ‘off the grid’ home was beautifully crafted.


Sitting pretty within the surrounding Bethells Beach hillside, this new home was designed to allow its owners to be completely self-sufficient. Its eco-friendly features include solar panels, larger-than-usual gutters for rainwater collection and an independent sewerage system.

  • Project Type: New Build
  • Completed: 2006


In addition to the challenges presented by the property’s ‘off the grid’ design, each of its three storeys has a number of levels within – there were 15 different floor levels across the whole home which made it a significant construction feat. On the top floor, the home is capped off by a ‘crow’s nest’ which is used as an office space and offers stunning views of the coastline.

Managing the complex configuration of floor levels with ease, our team produced a beautifully crafted home, dotted with unique details that reflect our client’s interests. These included intricate hand carvings on the pergola and a cedar shingled chicken coop.

The home’s location on Auckland’s western coast meant it needed to endure the harsh elements. Stainless steel fittings were used throughout to ensure the structure would stand the test of time.

The project was not contained to the home alone; a self-contained bedroom cottage to the side of the main house and a large multi-terraced garden with garden shed and fencing were also built.